Classic rectangular forms never go out of fashion. You choose the layout and the installed equipment.


The futuristic design created by the Danish designers will not leave anyone cold! This is new step in the history of houseboat construction.


This model offers the best ratio of living area to the total floor space. Currently it is the bestseller in our model range.


Four-roomed houseboat with an option of adding a sauna. Like all models of this design, it has the best ratio of living space to the total area.


A spacious 3-roomed houseboat for all-year-round living with a spacious living room and big, even by the standards of house construction, bedrooms. It is up to you whether to use it as a permanent house or a summer residence.


It is the most affordable two-story houseboat. Low cost of mooring due to the short length.


It is a three-roomed floating house with two fully functional bathrooms and a possibility to add a sauna.

Evolution 65

It has an unforgettable design and a unique layout. It is an excellent choice to use as a summer residence or a yacht.

Evo 50

Perhaps the most unorthodox design among the one-story houseboats of the so-called ‘euro format’. Can be used for all-year-round dwelling and is cheaper.

FreeDom 50

European minimalistic design. Use it as a yacht, a summer residence, or a permanent house – the choice is yours. Upon request it can be built in a marine version.

Evo 40

It is a more affordable version of the houseboat in the Evo design. It can be a yacht, a summer residence, or a permanent house – you choose for yourself.

FreeDom 40

Euro-design – it can be transported by a trailer. Can be used in winter in the Russian conditions!