FreeDom 40


Euro-design – it can be transported by a trailer (4.49 meters width). But unlike the European houseboats it can be used in winter in the Russian conditions and it costs about 1.5 times cheaper. The layout and the equipment to order. The ceilings are 2.3 meters high. It is an excellent solution to be used as a summer residence or a charter.

For reference: A typical European houseboat is a one-story construction, 8-15 meters long, up to 4.5 meters wide, the ceilings are 2-2.2 meters high, can be used only during summer and often looks like a floating garage.



  • Dimensions – 13.7×4.5 m
  • Thermal envelope – 39 sq. m
  • Total area – 100 sq. m
  • Cruising speed – 10 km/h
  • Maximum speed – 16 km/h
  • Number of motors/power capacity – 1×60-150 HP
  • Price – from 10.9 million rubles