Evo 50


Perhaps the most unorthodox design among the one-story houseboats of the so-called ‘euro format’. Unlike its European counterparts, it has 2.5 m high ceilings, can be used for all-year-round dwelling and is cheaper. It is up to you whether to use it as a yacht, a summer residence, or a permanent house.

Upon request it can be built in a marine version (“C” class according to the European classification).

For reference: a typical European houseboat has one-story, is 10-15 meters long, the ceilings are 2-2.2 meters high, can be used only during summer, and often looks like a floating garage, and is decorated with clapboard or siding.



  • Dimensions – 14.2×5.6 m
  • Thermal envelope – 50 sq. m
  • Total area – 130 sq. m
  • Cruising speed – 10 km/h
  • Maximum speed – 16 km/h
  • Number of motors/power capacity – 1×60-150 HP
  • Price – 15.7 million rubles